Tips to qualify for the GST/HST Housing Rebate

After establishing services and good tax, the provincial and financial governments have instituted GST/HST tax rebate policy for homeowners. It is a much-required tax release to qualifying homeowners. If you wish to calculate your GST/HST tax rebate, click My Rebate website for precise calculation. Let us discuss more here about how to qualify for this GST/HST housing rebate policy.

If you buy or construct a new house, you will be qualified for the rebate as part of the GST/HST remunerated on the purchase when the house is bought for utilization as the main abode of residence of the purchaser’s relation or the purchaser itself. The purchasers become responsible under the purchase agreement at the time of purchase.

GST/HST tax rebate also applies to exist homeowners who had paid a lump sum for renovations. If you have recently performed renovations to your home that is in the last twenty-four months, you can claim rebates about $36,300. If you wish to obtain GST/HST, then you need to meet several criteria to obtain the rebate offered by the government.

The house is located within the parameters of the program. Several kinds of housing units qualify like floating homes, modular homes, mobile homes, co-operative living units, condominiums, townhomes, duplexes, and single-family homes. Breakfasts and bed also qualify when half of the building is utilized as the guest’s home.

The house should be the main residence of the family or individual. It can be used by the owner’s close family members. At times, rental properties and transitional housing get qualified in this policy.

The house should be possessed by an individual. Corporations and partnerships cannot apply to receive or for the rebate. Several landlords do not ask for this rebate though they claim GST or HST for renovating a residence as a business cost.

All the parties agreed for the renovation loan should meet the requirements of the program to get the rebate. If the owned house is situated on land that is leased, the homeowners can still apply for the rebate until the lease duration is twenty years or more than that. It is an important consideration for individuals who own mobile homes, co-operative units, and condominium units.

There is no rebate present for renovating the vacation property or second home. It only applies to main residences.
If you wish to obtain a rebate for renovating a house, it is important to mention about the renovation. Thus, you can get qualified for the rebate in one to two days.

Remodeling and renovation projects that replace or remove more than 90% of the interiors come under the GST/HST housing rebate. Though the renovations are not mandatory for new housing, they are still valid as they are making completely new interiors and thus it qualifies. Renovations that are made extra addition to the living space of the house also qualifies. It should be a minimum of two times the living space to count and no alterations will be required to the existing interiors.

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