Marijuana can be grown in many ways. You can grow marijuana using CBD seeds. Make use of CBD seeds for sale available in specific stores. Here is a quick guide to growing marijuana using seeds. Read to know more here on the ways to grow cannabis plants using seeds.

Soak the seeds
You must soak the seeds in water until the seeds break open and the root starts to grow. The optimal temperature of the water must be 18 degrees. This helps the CBD seeds to attain the appropriate moisture level. Soak them in tap water without adding additional nutrients. It takes nearly 2 to 7 days for the seeds to crack open. Transplant it when the root reaches a height of about 3 to mm.

Plant them in small pots
Plant the seedlings in a small pot in a half-inch hole. Make sure that the soil does not contain excess nutrients. CBD seedlings are highly susceptible to nutrient burns. Plant each seed in a separate pot.

Moisten The Soil
Water is essential for the growth of the seedling. You cannot expect the marijuana plant to grow to its fullest with less water. Make sure not to provide the plants with too much water. This can affect the growth of the marijuana plant. The soil must stay moist. Spray water on the plants to help the soil to retain moisture.

Place Marijuana Plants Below CFL Tube
Light is also necessary for the growth of the marijuana plant. Light is required to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. Providing the right light source can help plants to grow wider with lots of buds. Place the pots below CFL lights. Provide a spacing of 2 inches between the pot and the light.

Optimize The Surrounding Environment
Maintaining the ideal environmental conditions helps in the germination of marijuana seeds. Check the moisture level of the soil. Never feed the soil with nutrients until you see the leaves grow in the marijuana plant.

Taking Care of Cannabis Sproutling
Proper care must be provided when the seedling pops out of the soil. The moisture content and the temperature must be maintained right for proper growth of the seedling. Do not feed nutrients or touch the plant. Allow the plant to grow its sturdy roots. Diligent care is a must for a healthy root system.

Provide Nutrients As The Plant Grows
Feed some root stimulating foliar nutrients when the internodes start to appear. Start with a minimal dose. This would help your plant grow at a great speed of 0.5 inches every day. Also, check if your plant suffers from nutrient surplus.

Transplanting Marijuana
When your root grows out of the pot, then it is time to transplant the plant. If you avoid transplantation, the plant will stop its growth. Check the roots daily to provide the right amount of nitrogen-rich nutrients.

Grow Cannabis Outdoors
A well-grown plant is ready to be planted outdoors. Make sure that the plant gets a lot of light energy from the sun. Plant them in big containers and place them on a stool in a wind-free area.

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