Charcoal soap: Your perfect natural beauty care

Does charcoal soap evoke a tinge of curiosity in your mind? Are you curious about how this unlikely piece of wood evolved as a premium skincare product? What makes them special, and how an activated charcoal soap benefits your skin? Find out more about the benefits of a charcoal soap in this article and give your skin a well-deserved conditioning with this highly natural product.

What is activated charcoal soap? And how does it work on your skin?

Activated charcoal is obtained from wood, peat, coal, or coconut husk, heated to a very high temperature. The charcoal formed is highly porous and extremely capable of trapping toxin, thus conferring it the title ‘activated’ charcoal. The so-produced activated charcoal has a high absorption ability making it a perfect ingredient for an exfoliant. Powdered charcoal is typically dense and acts as a sponge that wipes out entire dirt from the face. The charcoal also absorbs unwanted bacteria, oils, smog, chemicals, and other particles from the skin, making the skin extremely clean and free of acne.

Activated charcoal powder is used to produce several premium ranges of products such as soap enhanced with naturally obtained pro-antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, making it more productive. The following section elaborates on the uses and amazing benefits of this wonderful ingredient.

Five benefits that make activated charcoal the best beauty ingredient

It detoxifies and nourishes your skin

Yes, you heard it right. The charcoal’s intrinsic property of absorbing the dirt cleans the pores and nourishes them with abundant minerals, moisturizers, and essential oils. In short, the charcoal soap is a two in one product that makes both your cleansing and moisturizing routine simple.

Gets rid of acne

The soap is an excellent remedy for dry skin that is prone to frequent breakouts. Make this natural ingredient a part of your daily routine. The charcoal absorbs the dirt and renders the skin pores clear of unwanted substances. Routine care with charcoal means you never have to rely on after-care treatment anymore. Use it as a facial cleanser and prevent build-ups the eventual breakouts.

Eco-friendly ways of sourcing 

Most of the charcoal soap manufacturers source their raw materials locally. These are then processed with an eco-friendly production method that does not emit any harmful products.

Effective curing that aids long life

The cold process method of soap making ensures that the charcoal soap bar is fed with the right doses of nutrients and other moisturizing agents. These soap bars are cured for weeks before they are shipped and reach the customers. The curing process also makes sure that the product lasts for a long time.

Natural aromas for an enhanced efficiency

The charcoal soap bars incorporate natural oils of sweet orange or other naturally obtained substance that creates mild and calming scents.

While there are few scientific proofs to ascertain the charcoal’s effectiveness on the skin, many user reviews and experiences suggest that the product is efficient in reducing oiliness and preventing acne breakouts. However, if you are unsure of their suitability on your skin, it is advised to consult your dermatologist before using them.

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